Ice Floes

This is an abstract board game about moving tiles and reaching the center of the field. More specifically it is a symmetric 2 or 4-player game with perfect information.

This is intended to be played on a real-life board. The 3d models can be downloaded here:
Game board
Player piece
Ice floes
For the standard configuration (seen in the rendered image), 1 game board, 2 player pieces and 12 ice floes are needed.

Standard 2-player Rules

You and your opponent are currently on fields that move through ice. The objective of the game is to get into the center of the playing field, the goal field. Since the standard field is symmetric it doesn't matter who starts, after each movement the sides are switched. A player must move!
  1. Choose any direction (up, down, left or right) in which no other player is standing directly adjacent and in which you have not reached the edge of the map.
  2. Move in this direction according to the following rules:
  3. You win whenever you are standing still on top of the goal, not gliding through it.
You can practice the legal moves in this 1-player simulation of the board game (move using arrow keys, z to undo a move, r to restart) here.

Play the game on a simulation

Start by pressing ENTER, move using the arrow keys, press R to restart, press Z to undo a move (holding Z after pressing ENTER at the beginning will increase the size of the game).
Play fullscreen here.
You can change the field (size and position of ice floes/players) at the end of the file here.
Legend for editing the level: . is water, * is an ice floe, P is player 1, Q is player 2.

4-player version

A 4-player version can be played here (turns are counter-clockwise).
An additional rule has to be introduced in order to play the n-player version: