PuzzleScript+MIS: Collection!

This is a collection of games that used PuzzleScript+MIS as part of their development process.

List of puzzlescript games
Picture Description
Hard sticky walls 3x3
by increpare modified by bvoq
A devilishly hard single level based on increpares short adventure in sticky land. The rules of the game happen to be very accommodating for PS+MIS. Your goal is to place the red box on the yellow target. Play it here.
by minotalen
I like to think that it is some sensitive machine jewellers use, and you need to have careful hands to create the gems you want to create. If you screw up, the resources are gone, and you have to start from scratch with raw materials.
by increpare
Combine the resins into their corresponding colour.
Crates move when you move
by increpare
Fairly self-explanatory.
Pushy-V Pully-H
by increpare
Push crates vertically, pull them horizontally. https://increpare.com/game/pushy-v-pully-h.html
by increpare
Pair two boxes together. https://increpare.com/game/match-maker.html
Acorn Scorchery Paradise
by increpare
Push periodically switching acorns on targets. https://increpare.com/game/acorn-scorchery-paradise.html
Wand Spinner
by increpare
Spin the wands into their corresponding targets. https://increpare.com/game/wand-spinner.html
Two-Tone Tango
by increpare
Once connected, these abstract lovers do not separate. https://increpare.com/game/two-tone-tango.html
Chevron Lodger
by increpare
Merging multinational corporations was never more fun! https://increpare.com/game/chevron-lodger.html
Any hole is a goal
by increpare
ANY HOLE. https://increpare.com/game/any-hole-is-a-goal.html
Cucumber Surprise
by increpare
Cats scared of cucumbers compilation. https://www.increpare.com/game/cucumber-surprise.html
Winding Sailor
by bvoq
Get the correct winding in order. Play here.
Varifocal Nightmare
by increpare
Simultaneous Sokoban nightmare. https://www.increpare.com/game/varifocal-nightmare.html
Crate Swarp
by increpare
Almost Sokoban, except that you swap the crates. https://increpare.com/game/crate-swarp.html
The Far Away Danish Pastry is always Deliciouser.
by increpare
Neko puzzle but sweeter. https://increpare.com/game/the-far-away-danish-pastry-is-always-deliciouser.html
Vexatious Match 3
by increpare
Inspired by vext edit but also reminds me of mean8. https://www.increpare.com/game/vexatious-match-3.html
by increpare
Scalesoban / Balanceoban, much harder than it looks and requires some planning. https://www.increpare.com/game/scalesoban.html
by increpare
There is a spooky field underneath the boxes, but the real nightmare is reasoning about the game. https://www.increpare.com/game/nightmarecroban.html
All Green to Blue
by increpare
Jump through the green portals. https://www.increpare.com/game/all-green-to-blue.html
All Green and Blue on Yellow
by increpare
Put all green and blue crates on yellow but you can move them in different ways. https://www.increpare.com/game/all-green-and-blue-on-yellow.html

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