Itch: trappuzzler

By Kevin De Keyser and Lukas Baege


macOS      Windows

Updates to the demo

3 September 2018: Functioning windows version, soundtrack by dirty uludag

2 October 2017: Added retina support for macOS

In order to run trappuzzler on macOS simply right-click the application and then click on open instead of double-clicking it (you can right-click on a track pad by simultaneously clicking with 2 fingers or by holding the ctrl key while clicking).

In order to run trappuzzler on Windows install both vcredist_x64_2013 and vcredist_x64_2017 (included in the download). These are the installers for Visual Studio Redistributable 2013 and 2017 version (both are required but quite slim. You can also download them from Windows if you prefer).

If there is a demand for a Linux version I can also compile it for Linux.