Yak deculture

The sole justification for research in any field is the usefulness of the actions that follow from it, by which I mean the following:

Humans can freely control their actions and can bring forth, through cool calculation, experiences which they instinctively desire, but which they cannot bring about by a direct impulse of the will, called a goal. They do this by calling forth previously remembered sequences of experiences (called means or tools), which perhaps are not desirable in themselves, but which then carry along with them the desired experience as a consequence.

Already at a low level of culture, humans, in order to stabilize the domain that they casually influence, seek to create a sphere of order about themselves which is subject to their control. In this sphere humans first isolate the experiences that are serviceable to them and then bring about new experiences -- doing this both through the construction of new instruments and also through the more-or-less organized subjection of the will of the humans around them.

As humans accumulate means/tools they reach higher and higher levels of culture that are more and more effective at satisfying these instinctive goals and in return enable new forms of research into means/tools.

Currently, means to satiate the instinctive goal of having a romantic partner are services like Tinder or host clubs. However, these services do not encompass the need for people with major disabilities, mental illnesses or social inhibitions that will realistically never find a romantic interest but still crave one as part of their human desires. For this purpose, I suggest doing research which would enable virtual partners in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, virtual partners are not bound in their function to people with said issues but they can be an effective instrument for any human desiring a partner.

Furthermore, if the number of users reaches a critical amount to be considered part of culture this could enable a shift of thought regarding the importance of relations. As man is still subject to the desire of belonging to a community this could in return remove societal expectations of having a partner empowering the individual to be more free. ❣️